Our core values


Design is a uniquely individual process. At Renaissance Tile & Bath, we are committed to facilitating your personal design journey. In the words of our founder and president, David O’Neil, “Design is an expression of taste. Taste is personal; it defines you. It is your thumbprint – that which communicates your history, your aspirations, your passion. We have an uncommon zeal for illuminating your vision, magnifying your thumbprint, helping you realize your design aspirations. We capture your unique aesthetic, making it the reality of your living space.”


Imagine an experience where all aspects of creating a space are explored, discussed and developed – a process that is enriching, not transactional, and one that forges lasting relationships. At Renaissance Tile & Bath, we live this process with you from concept to completion. Gracious design professionals expertly guide clients through the showroom environment, helping you discover materials that capture the essence of a vision. You can expect an uncommon approach to education and collaboration until the space is fully realized.


Over time, “hot” inevitably cools and trends shift. Since our inception in 1991, Renaissance Tile & Bath has been dedicated to capturing the spirit of our clients’ vision. We support each client by guiding your concept to a fulfillment that is crisp, clean, and timeless. Beautiful design does not upstage or overshadow any single feature, but rather, allows every element to speak for itself. Embellishment, for its own sake, is simply not considered. Clients depend on us to help them create a perfect marriage of luxury and simple utility to craft a signature masterpiece.


Each Renaissance Tile & Bath showroom is a working design studio; you’ll find a gallery-style space with a unique mix of products purposefully positioned to allow unbridled exploration and facilitate joyful discovery. High-end fixtures, luxury tile, natural stone and bespoke bath selections are presented in a holistic manner, strategically arranged to stimulate imagination and transition your vision from the conceptual stage to a tangible fruition. Exposed vistas inspire. Workstations invite. This is where barriers are demolished and creativity comes alive.

I go for beauty. I believe in beauty…to me, a beautiful piece works. I don’t have to integrate function because it is an inherent part of the design. I never think about a particular piece from the standpoint of function, but it becomes that way organically. It’s in the details.

— David O’Neil


Renaissance Tile & Bath has become one of the most influential and respected tile and bath retailers in the country through the design passion of David O’Neil, the company’s president and creative director of O’Neil Ruppel studios. David’s obsession with aesthetics encompasses everything from the product lines he designs to the interiors of his company’s six showrooms and even the company’s communications. Since 1991, David’s passion and vision have grown Renaissance Tile & Bath from a single, 1000-sf bay in Atlanta’s design district into a widely revered brand that offers trade professionals and homeowners an industry-leading selection of top-shelf products in showroom design studios located in six cities.

David’s unconventional journey to successful business manager and talented creative director started in retail at an early age, where he observed how scale, color and texture dramatically influence the user’s experience. He earned a degree in human resources management, beginning his career at Macy’s and rising to vice president of HR for a large computer technology company in Atlanta by the age of 30. David found a creative outlet with the emerging Renaissance Tile & Bath and has seized every opportunity to work alongside his partners in transforming the traditional showroom into today’s inspired design studios.